Wish List Wednesday: Jim Gavin’s "Arena of the Wolf"

Dark Regions Press has a new book out this month that caught my eye. What makes this book stand out?

Two words: werewolf rodeo.

I’ve read some really good werewolf stories, and some not so good ones. I have the feeling Arena of the Wolf by Jim Gavin (with cover art by Alex McVey) could be a good one, since the premise strikes me as original enough to give a breath of fresh air to a well-worn genre, and Dark Regions seems like one of those small press publishers that has a knack for picking out some quality horror.

Here’s the write-up via Dark Regions:
Jerry is an over-the-road trucker with a couple of exes and a few late payments to make. Sometimes it seems like the least of his problems is that he’s a werewolf – until he wakes up in the middle of a rodeo where he’s the bull! Forced to compete in bizarre, brutal events for the pleasure of a bloodthirsty crowd, where death is “extreme sports entertainment” for the masses. Jerry must choose between a prisoner’s life in a world where his curse makes him a star and a life of freedom that he knows can only end one way – a silver bullet through the heart. A desperate man’s struggle with despair and hope is just another show in the …




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3 responses to “Wish List Wednesday: Jim Gavin’s "Arena of the Wolf"

  1. I'll admit, I'm intrigued. But I can never rationalize spending so much, even if it is a limited edition, on a book. ESPECIALLY a novella. I understand how Dark Regions and otehr speciality publishers work; they have a smaller dedicated reader base willing to shell out big bucks, so writers can make more selling less. But as a casual reader, and definitely more a fan of pscyological horror than hardcore gore horror, regardless of how intirgued I am, I will not spend this money. Sell it as an eBook for $1-$2 and I'd snatch it up, but really…

  2. It's a brilliant idea for a story, and the title and cover certainly work well, but the price is a bit steep for my budget these days, too.

  3. Brad – I hear you on the price point, as that's something that is a hindrance for the meek. Still, if it's out in a trade or Kindle form, I'll be looking it up.Jack – Cover art is very cool, indeed.

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