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The Return of the Monster Movie Marathon was a great success, in my opinion. A ton of great contributions from a diverse crowd. Thanks again to everyone who participated. I’ll try to bring all the links together in a single post soon.

For now, however, it’s time to announce some winners.

The winner of the audiobook copy of Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters is: Anthony J. Rapino!

 The winner of the trade paperback copy of Cthulhurotica is: Mark Devery!

 The winner of a monster book of their choice via Book Depository is: Darlene!

The winner of a signed trade paperback of The New Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn is: Maegan Morin!

And the winner of the digital edition of The New Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn is: Christine Davis! 

I will be contacting all of the winners shortly. Thank you to everyone who entered, and hopefully I’ll be able to offer you at least one more giveaway before Christmas. Fingers crossed. Until then, I hope everyone had a happy and safe Halloween!


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The Return of the Monster Movie Marathon Giveaway Begins with an Audiobook Giveaway

Okay, folks. let’skick this little shindy off with a giveaway. I wanted to give awaysomething monster related and one of the first things on my bookshelfto jump out at me was this audiobook set of the literary mash-up byJane Austen and Ben H. Winters, Sense and Sensibility and SeaMonsters. Perfect.
Here are thedetails on this little ditty via Amazon:
Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters expands the original text of the beloved Jane Austen novel with all-new scenes of giant lobsters, rampaging octopi, two-headed sea serpents, and other biological monstrosities. As our story opens, the Dashwood sisters are evicted from their childhood home and sent to live on a mysterious island full of savage creatures and dark secrets. While sensible Elinor falls in love with Edward Ferrars, her romantic sister Marianne is courted by both the handsome Willoughby and the hideous man-monster Colonel Brandon. Can the Dashwood sisters triumph over meddlesome matriarchs and unscrupulous rogues to find true love? Or will they fall prey to the tentacles that are forever snapping at their heels? This masterful portrait of Regency England blends Jane Austen’s biting social commentary with ultraviolent depictions of sea monsters biting. It’s survival of the fittest — and only the swiftest swimmers will find true love! 
So, if you’d liketo throw your name in the hat for a chance to win, there’s reallyonly thing you need to do: spread the word.
You see, over thecourse of the next three weeks I and fifteen talented guys and galswill be blogging about monsters. Big ones, little ones, cute ones,scary ones. Monsters in movies, on television, and even in books. AndI would like people to stop on by, which is why I’d like you tospread the word.
You only have to doit once to get your name entered. If you’ve got a blog, you couldwrite about the marathon in one of your posts, or simply add a linkto this giveaway on your sidebar so your blog readers can find it. Oryou could tweet a link to this giveaway on Twitter. Or maybe youcould share a link on Facebook or StumbleUpon or Tumblr or some othersocial media venue. Your call. Pick one and get the word out, thensimply fill out the form below with your contact information. I hopethat is simple enough for everyone.
And if theaudiobook isn’t quite your thing, don’t worry because there isanother giveaway coming in the weeks ahead–maybe two more–that youcan check out and enter. All of the giveaways end on Halloween night,then I’ll announce the winners of each giveaway on November 1st. This giveaway is open worldwide.

Until then, keepchecking back here to get your monster fix. Ontap for tomorrow: Trollhunter.


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